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Updated: Sep 9, 2020


One of the most convenient ways to get paid working from home is through your PayPal account.  It is free to obtain one, open to anyone regardless of your location and you are able to get access to your cash a lot faster than by check or direct deposit.  It is also saves the company that you work for money because they do not have to print and send out paper checks.  It benefits the home worker and eliminates the fear of having your check lost or stolen.

It is no wonder why several work at home companies and sites choose to pay you through your PayPal account.  You may also be surprised to know that many of these work at home jobs do not require any experience or special skills unless stated otherwise.  Some jobs even provide you with online training.

If you are looking for a work at home job that pays you through your PayPal account or simply some extra cash, try a few of these companies listed below.


Work from home as an independent contractor proofreading, transcribing files and translating language to English.  Pays weekly via PayPal.  Open worldwide.

Blog Mutt

Get paid to write blog posts for business people who own blogs.  Pays $8 per post every Monday via PayPal.

Boost Media

Get paid to re-write short ads for Facebook, Google Adwords and more from home.

Call Center QA

Get paid to make telephone mystery shopping calls from your cellphone.  No experience needed.  Pays fast via PayPal.  You will earn $5 per call.

Cash 4 Essays

Get paid to write essays and share and upload your essays online.


Get paid to complete short tasks in tagging, categorizing, searching the web, writing and more.  Open worldwide.

Crowd Source

Get paid to write, answer questions, edit articles, tag pictures and do other micro tasks from Crowd Source.  Open worldwide.

Demand Media

Work from home writing for websites like eHow and LiveStrong.  Open to those in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.


Sell any kind of service that you can think of online in exchange for $5.  Pays via PayPal.  Open worldwide.

Gig Walk

Smartphone app that will pay you to do gigs in your own neighborhood for extra money.


Get paid to write articles on any subject, upload videos and more.  Pays monthly via PayPal.  Open worldwide.


Get paid to listen to calls from home and sort them into categories based on several criteria.  Pays via PayPal every week.  Open worldwide.  Use name when you sign up.


Get paid to answer short questions with this site.  Read my full review here.


Get paid to comment on various forums and blogs for extra cash daily.  Open worldwide.  Pays daily.

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