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Thermo Fisher Technical Sales Specialist

Thermo Fisher provides work at home positions for employees who share the same vision as them which is to make the world a livable place through innovative solutions. This company has been leading the industry since 2013 with its wide range of laboratory equipment and instruments.

A Technical Sales Specialist role is just one of the many remote jobs you can apply here. Its responsibility is to provide training to customers, give support to product performance issues, suggest solutions, and give feedback to the business unit regarding the performance of the products.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry

  • Experience in marketing, R&D, or sales

  • Knowledge of relevant markets, big Pharma, and stem cell workflow


$48,000 – $98,000/ year


  • Retirement Plan

  • Maternity & Paternity Leave

  • Bereavement Leave

  • Paid Holidays

  • Tuition Assistance

To find remote jobs in Thermo Fisher, click here.

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